About Us

Launched in 2018 in hopes of making a dream become a reality by providing quality retro chic fashion to my fellow fashionistas.  During the work week I'm an Accounting Manager for a ski resort. On my down time I enjoy the usual Idahoan activities such as most anything outdoors, hence working at a ski resort, but as a fashionista I'm really into my clothes and SHOES!  Due to my love of fashion, or because of it, I inherited a deep love of sewing from my grandmother and enjoy creating my own clothing, quilts and handbags in what free time I can find.  However that does not mean I am magical enough to make everything for sale on this site,  outsource certain items allows me to provide a broader selection of inventory and styles for my customers.

If I've learned one thing as a fashionista it is that certain "retro" styles never truly go out of style.  Any proclaimed fashionista always has at the least one go to vintage look in their closet.  Whether your a fashionista, love retro style, or just looking for that one retro piece; than look no further.

To keep up on where you can catch me next, check out our event calendar for upcoming events or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, you can find my information in the contact link.